• Give Xiaodong's letter 不要轻易放弃。学习成长的路上,我们长路漫漫,只因学无止境。

      Dear Xiaodong,     I'm sorry to hear you are having some trouble in making friends. 万博体育manbetx官网在亚洲老虎机娱乐坛上赫赫有名的娱乐城,万博体育manbetx,manbetx是最老牌的线上娱乐城,万博娱乐注册老虎机让大家打开了娱乐世界的一个新的大门,先进的投注系统可以保障玩家的一切利益安全,万博体育manbetx欢迎玩家们.. However,The situation is easy to change if you take my advice.Here are some tips to help you.     First,why not consider finding a classmate who has the same hobbies as you,If you do that,I'm sure you'll soon have a good firend.     Secondly,you shouble try your best to talk whit otner people. Don't be shy,Open you mouth,that way will help you improve commuication 万博体育manbetx官网在亚洲老虎机娱乐坛上赫赫有名的娱乐城,万博体育manbetx,manbetx是最老牌的线上娱乐城,万博娱乐注册老虎机让大家打开了娱乐世界的一个新的大门,先进的投注系统可以保障玩家的一切利益安全,万博体育manbetx欢迎玩家们.. skill.     Thirdly,It wouble be a good idea if you could join in diffrence schllo club,By doing this, you'll know making friend with people is so easy,and you'll find 万博体育manbetx官网在亚洲老虎机娱乐坛上赫赫有名的娱乐城,万博体育manbetx,manbetx是最老牌的线上娱乐城,万博娱乐注册老虎机让大家打开了娱乐世界的一个新的大门,先进的投注系统可以保障玩家的一切利益安全,万博体育manbetx欢迎玩家们.. lots of different people can be your friends.     Your,     Miss Liao